Membership Benefits

Labor Relations

Association members are represented during labor negotiations and on a day-to-day basis on all issues related to the administration of their collective bargaining agreement. We meet regularly with UA Locals 33 and 125 on behalf of members to discuss industry issues and solve potential problems. Members of the MCAI assign their bargaining rights to the association and have the opportunity to participate in labor negotiations.

Trust Fund Representation

The MCAI appoints the management trustees serving on UA Locals 33 and 125 Pension, Health & Welfare, and Apprenticeship trust funds.  The MCAI Executive Vice President serves on the Pension and Health & Welfare trust funds.  MCAI members are kept abreast of all trust fund activities through MCAI meetings and communications, and have an open line for communicating with the trust funds through the MCAI. The MCAI, through its affiliation with the MCA of America, also monitors and communicates with the management trustees serving on the United Association National Pension Fund.

National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau

The MCAI operates the Iowa Chapter of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau.  NCPWB members receive numerous Welding Procedure Specifications and supporting Procedure Qualification Records as part of their membership. NCPWB Bureau dues are either waived or reduced for MCAI members, depending upon their chapter affiliation. The Iowa Chapter tracks welder certifications and continuities, thus allowing the transfer of these certifications among different employers performing B31 series code welding.

Government Relations

With contract lobbyists on staff, the MCAI monitors issues affecting our industry and maintains a regular presence at the capitol.  All bills drafted by the MCAI and passed into law were generated by member input.  No voice is too small and all members are encouraged to provide the MCAI with ideas for legislation that will benefit the mechanical contracting industry.

Safety Programs

MCAI offers a wide range of safety-related services to its members at no additional cost. Free services include: consultation, SDS management, and numerous safety resources. The MCAI also maintains employee training records dating back to the early 1990’s and tracks CEU training required by the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Licensing Board. All training and CEU tracking is a service available to members and non-members through the Training Vault.

Education and Training

The MCAI regularly offers professional development seminars that are normally offered at no or low cost to members. We also support a MCA Student Chapter at Iowa State University.

National Association Membership

MCAI members are also eligible to join to the MCA of America and/or the MSCA of America.  By doing so, MCAI members are entitled to a vast array of services and resources available to MCA of America members.


The value of fellowship in the construction industry cannot be overlooked and MCAI members regularly meet at chapter meetings, the MCAI annual meeting, and social events throughout the year.  Many of these events are free or low-cost to members.

Non-Member Benefits?

Some mechanical contractors pay hourly contributions contained in collective bargaining agreements to industry funds managed by the MCAI, but choose not to join the association.  Although not to the same degree as members, these companies benefit from many of the services listed above.  Specifically, they receive representation in collective bargaining, labor contract administration services, trust fund representation, government affairs and certain safety programs.

MCAI Membership

Become an MCAI member today and be part of the mechanical contracting industry’s premier association.